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Phantom High

Phantom High

by Phantom High

Thank you to our friend and fam Corey Pesce at DopeShow for these ultra rad jerseys!

Cover of the month – Scream by Misfits

Cover of the month - Scream by Misfits

Review MJS Custom Pickups

MJS Custom Pickups

As we do from time to time, we also want to take a minute to shout out MJS Custom Pickups for the work...

Cover of the month – Die Another Day


Getting dark with PHANTOM HIGH

Radio Western 94.9 had us in to talk recently... naturally, everyone died... Big thanks to Gobs for having us out to chat!

Cover of the month – PHANTOMAU5 GHOSTS – N-THINGS


Live clip from our show at Old East 765 in London, Ontario

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bogner peavey
by Phantom High

Just because.. beautiful and mean.


London Show!

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Atrocities Now Available!

by Phantom High

Getting ready for our day like...

Cover of the month – Run To You

If Bryan Adams could hear this rendition of his song, he'd be rolling over in his... bed.

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