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New show with and A Primitive Evolution

Raymond Watts joins forces with alumni Steve White, En Esch and Galen Waling to bring the Lord of the Lard back to Toronto...


Missed Our First 2 Shows?!

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Shows Hybrid Haard

Special Performance at Hybrid Haard April 9th.

We’re so happy to have been invited for an intimate and interactive set at Coalition T.O, on Saturday, April 6th in Toronto, Canada....


Cover of the month: Falling Away From Me

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News Aftermath

New Show Announced – Aftermath 1

Join us on Friday, March 29th at Velvet Underground! AFTERMATH I is the first annual Post-Apocalyptic Music Fest in Toronto featuring the finest of...


Cover of the month – Roots

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Cover of the month – Let’s Dance

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Airis Savage Drive
by Phantom High

Making fire for February ?? Airis Savage Drive is savage!


Cover of the month – Bite The Hand

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by Phantom High

Thank you to our friend and fam Corey Pesce at DopeShow for these ultra rad jerseys!


Cover of the month – Scream by Misfits

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Review MJS Custom Pickups

MJS Custom Pickups

As we do from time to time, we also want to take a minute to shout out MJS Custom Pickups for the work...

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